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    The Way to Chinese Bidding Market

    You should prepare before bidding

    To understand the tendering market in China

    To collect the tendering and bidding information before bidding

    To understand current laws and regulations of tendering and bidding in China

    To know the relevant regulations on project bidding documents

    To establish the representative offices and service networks

    To set up cooperation or a join venture with Chinese company at initial stage

    To understand the tendering market in China

    Great Changes have taken place in China
    Within mere half a century, China has changed its previous image of poor economy and established a modern industry system with a complete set of various industrial sectors. Since its establishment, China has increased its GDP about 56 times. China also experienced obvious improvements in such sectors as national economy, national defense, science and technology, which, to some extent, have achieved higher global rankings. China not only solved the problem of providing enough foods for its 1.2 billion people, but also raised the living standards to a higher level

    The whole world has witnessed the great changes in China, especially since she adapted " Reform and Opening Policy " in 1979.

    As there are more and more big projects sponsored by the government and international financial organizations, the market expansion provides better bidding and investment opportunities and market perspectives for foreign investors and corporations.

    At present, the slowing down of global economy determines the current sluggish market and weaker market demands as some countries, especially developed countries showed omens of slowing economy and preliminary recessions. In contrast, China has kept a steady increase in national economy development by achieving 116.3 billion dollars in importand 124.7 billon dollars in expert respectively in the first half of 2001.

    Due to the steady increase of national economy in China, the emersion of big projects become quite commonplace throughout China. According to some reports, China needs further investments about RMB200 billion or so in the next 5years to carry out various infrastructure projects in the railroad and power supply sectors such as natural gas transmission from the west to the east, electricity supply transmission from the west to the east, water supply transmission from the south to the north and the Qing Hai-Tibet railroad etc., These projects foreign investors with tremendous business opportunities. Furthermore, as shown in another example, the success of China's bidding for 2008 Olympic Games provides the bidding opportunities of the construction of about 35 large palaestras in Beijing. And such biddings are soon to open.

    In sum, China provides foreign companies with not only a huge market but also tremendous opportunities to participate in business competitions.

    To collect the tendering and bidding information before bidding

    The Public tender notices and project bidding foreshows could be obtained through different new medias such as newspapers and magazines and the Internet etc. Some important international tendering notices are also available on such medias as the English version of "China Daily", the Chinese version of "People's Daily" and most importantly, the website hosted by China Tender Ltd. as www., which is exclusively authorized and appointed by The State Development Planning Commission.

    Additional information could also be obtained via big tendering companies as follows:

    International Tendering Company of CNTIC,
    International Tendering Company of CMC International Tendering Company of China Instruments Corp. Guoxin Tendering Corp., Ltd.

    Information can also be obtained by consulting related office of the government and related government officials.

    This site makes use of forms to allow users to post offers to buy and offers to sell. Personal information (such as email address, phone number) is collected in these forms to allow potential buyers & sellers to contact you. Please remember that any information that is disclosed in these areas becomes public information and you should exercise caution when deciding to disclose your personal information. We do not monitor any of these facilities and your use of them is at your own risk.

    To understand current laws and regulations of tendering and bidding in China

    The Laws and Regulations shall cover the following aspects:
    Foreign Trade
    Foreign Investment
    Foreign Exchange Management
    Intellectual Property Rights
    Trade Marks and Brands
    Business Administration
    Financial Accounting / Audit

    Other stipulated laws shall be paid attention to include the detailed procedures of implementation on the revision of The Foreign Corporation Law by the State Council; The Contract Law of PRC; The Tendering and Bidding Law of PRC; and the soon-to-be-published Government Procurement Law.

    In addition to the adequate knowledge on the laws on tendering and bidding in China, foreign companies should also obtain adequate information on the management regulations on tendering and bidding stipulated by specific ministries and commissions. China has stipulated many requirements for foreign corporations in such aspects as laws, taxation, transportation, and insurance. Meanwhile, however, the foreign companies are also governed and protected by relevant Chinese Laws. For example, the employees of foreign companies shall pay personal income taxes; the foreign companies can apply for tax reduction or exemption for imported goods; the products manufactured by foreign companies, except for those restricted by Chinese government, are entitled to enjoy tax reduction or tax exemption.

    To know the relevant regulations on project bidding documents

    The bidding procedures for projects sponsored by international financial organizations (e.g. World Bank, Asia Development Bank) or foreign governments are generally subject to those of the international financial organizations and foreign governments.

    Projects invested by our government are subject to the Tendering & Bidding Law of the People's Republic of China.

    The foreign companies should participate in the bidding practices according to the companies' qualifications and achievement records required by the Project.

    Bidding participation demands competitive prices, high-quality products, and advanced technologies.

    Good preparations for bidding documents and appendixes as per requirements of each tendering document.

    Bidding guarantor documents shall be prepared in advance according to related requirements on such documents.

    Experts shall be arranged to be ready to answer questions raised by tendering parities timely and professionally.

    To establish the representative offices and service networks

    To promote products and technologies using convenient conditions available

    To resolve the problems occurred in using the products, meet the requirements of users and supply necessary backup products in time.

    To implement the contract thoroughly, and establish company credibility amongst customers.

    To set up cooperation or a join venture with Chinese company at initial stage

    Foreign company can select a domestic company as a consulting partner in China or participate in bidding jointly.

    1 China Tender Ltd will provide foreign companies with the followings services:

    2 Providing valuable tendering information consistently

    3 Communicating with the project owners

    4 Providing consultation services in tendering and bidding

    5 Providing legal consultation services in tendering & bidding laws and regulations.

    6 Participating in co-bid cooperation, if the condition allows